PMI OVOC Mentoring Program

What is the PMI OVOC Mentorship Program?

Initiated in the fall of 2008, PMI OVOC mentorship program aims to provide interested members with mentoring support that helps their journey to become successful project management practitioners.​

If you are a professional in the project management field committed to growing as a Project Manager and advancing your career, you are a perfect fit to enroll in the PMI OVOC Mentoring Program.

The program entails orientation sessions, panel discussions, PM-related topic presentations, Mid-way session and more. 

PMI OVOC’s mentoring program is available to all PMI OVOC members as well non-members who wish to strengthen their skills and competencies in the thriving project management profession. We invite all interested members to participate as mentees and mentors. Is there an area in which you excel and another area where you may need help with? You can join as both a mentee and a mentor at the same time!

Why participate as a Mentee?   Why participate as a Mentor?
  • Accelerate learning curve
  • Networking with mentors\mentees
  • Get help focusing on career plans and career moves
  • Opportunity to also participate as a Mentee
  • Access to panel discussions with experienced professionals
  • Earn up to 12 PDUs
    • 8 - Leadership
    • 2 - Technical
    • 2 - Strategic Business Management Skills
  • Ability to positively influence the next generation leaders
  • Share learnings on specific topics to inspire others
  • Opportunity to also participate as a Mentee
  • Broaden your network
  • Earn up to 15 PDUs
    • 11 - Leadership
    • 2 - Technical
    • 2 - Strategic Business Management Skill
Program Fee Structure - Per Cohort   Program Fee Structure - Per Cohort
Mentoring-Mentee.jpg   Mentoring-Mentor.jpg
"My mentor was very helpful and just scheduling regular meetings was a great motivator for me with getting my PMP certification.“ – Anonymous   "My mentor was wonderful! She was a wealth of knowledge. I wouldn't have acquired the knowledge and feedback I needed had I not joined the program  “ – Anonymous



The PMI OVOC Mentoring Program is made possible through the continued support of the Algonquin College Corporate Training.