Membership (The HOW?) 

1. How do I become a member of Ottawa Chapter?

To become a member of Ottawa chapter, you need to join Project Management Institute (PMI) then add OVOC as a Chapter.

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2. What are the membership fees?

To review the current membership fees located at the PMI Global Website - Types of Members.

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3. Can I add OVOC as my local chapter any time?

Yes, you can. Choose 'Add Chapter' from your 'myPMI Dashboard' and select Ottawa chapter.

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4. How do I renew my membership?

PMI will send you a reminder by mail and email. Once you receive your reminder, the simplest way to renew is to click the Renewal Quick Link from our home page.

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5. Do I get any discounted membership rates as I am a retired?

If you have been a PMI member in good standing for the five consecutive years and have you retired from employment, you can take advantage of discounted retiree membership.

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Membership Benefits

1. Why should I join PMI OVOC?

Whether you are a practicing project management professional or aspiring towards it, Ottawa Chapter has it all - to learn, contribute and make a difference: networking with fellow professionals, leadership and volunteer opportunities.

2. What are the benefits that members receive?

You will receive discounts on PMP exams, renewals, seminars, workshops, symposiums, opportunities to network with local professionals, volunteering opportunities, access to our LinkedIn Group, member's only site and much more.

PMI OVOC Events/Activities

1. Where do find information about upcoming OVOC seminars and workshops?

On our event calendar.

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2. How do I register for the seminars?

If you have registered for bulletins on the OVOC website, then you will receive information about the upcoming seminars, events and registration details.

If you haven't registered for bulletins, you can always visit our calendar where you will find all the upcoming events and register to them.

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3. Is there bulletin or newsletter from Ottawa chapter? How can I enroll my name?

You can subscribe to PMI OVOC's 'The Leader' Newsletter by clicking the button below.


Professional Development Units (PDUs)

1. How do I claim for my PDUs for the breakfast and Saturday seminars that I attended last month?

If you have registered your name at the seminar(s), chapter registrar will submit PDUs to PMI on your behalf. Please give us a week after the seminar to see the PDUs in your account.

2. How many PDUs do I need to earn to maintain my PMP credentials?

As a PMP in good standing, you need a total of 60 PDUs in three year cycle to maintain your credential.  For guidelines on earning PDUs, please see the PMI credentials handbook.

3. Today is my last day to renew my PMP credentials and I am short of 4 PDUs. Will I lose my PMP credentials?

If you do not meet the PDUs within the PMP active dates, you will be placed in suspended status for one year. During this period, you will need to earn the remaining PDUs to activate your PMP credentials. For more information, please refer to your PMP credential handbook.

4. How many PDUs will I earn for attending an OVOC breakfast or lunch?

1 PDU is earned for each hour of project management learning.  Our breakfast sessions are typically 4 hours so you would earn 4 PDUs.  Lunch sessions are usually 1 hour long thus you would earn 1 PDU.

PMP Exam Preparation

1. What credentials do I need for a PMP exam?

To obtain the PMP credentials you must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the credential handbook before appearing for PMP exam. For more information, please refer to the PMP Credential Handbook.

2. How many PM training contact hours do I need to have to be eligible to write the PMP Exam?

 You need to have 35 hours of project management education.

3. Does OVOC coordinate any PMP exam preparation sessions?

Every year OVOC coordinates two or three sessions for PMP exam preparation. Please check the Event Calendar for more information.

Event Calendar

Volunteer Opportunities

1. How many volunteers are there in OVOC?

There are approximately 100 volunteers in OVOC

2. Does the chapter recognize volunteers' contributions?

Every year Ottawa chapter recognizes the invaluable contributions from the volunteers by coordinating a special event for volunteers only, honouring contributions through various awards and sending one outstanding volunteer to the PMI Region 3 conference.

3. Where do I see what kind of volunteer positions are available with Ottawa chapter?

Click on the button below to find out how you can volunteer for PMI OVOC.

For further information, contact Membership