The following section provides links to other sites that could be of benefit to our members. Many websites fit into multiple categories so you might see some duplication. Please note that Ottawa Valley Outaouais Chapter and PMI does not endorse any site that is listed herein, but is providing the links as a “Resource Tool” only.

Human Resources Related


Whether you’re simply looking for an effective way to automate employee data, or you require a more sophisticated HR management system, ADP can help. We offer smart, robust solutions that speed your access to information and enhance your strategic contributions by transforming raw HR data into usable business intelligence… supporting executive decision-making and enabling your organization to adapt more quickly in a changing, competitive environment.  Website


Ascentis is the creator of HROffice, an innovative human resource and benefits management system (HRMS). HROffice is an employee and benefits management solution that streamlines HR administration through an easy to manage, tightly integrated solution for small to mid-sized companies. The software eradicates paper trails from your office and centralizes all information. Built on the latest technologies from Microsoft, HROffice integrates with the tools you already use on a day-to-day basis.  Website


At the division of Health and Human Resources, we’ve focused our efforts and devoted our resources to identifying and addressing information needs in the ever-changing areas of human resources and health care.  Website

HR Internet Guide

HR-Guide (started in January 1999) is a rapidly growing website containing hundreds of pages of information related to Human Resources.  Website

HR Management – A Place to Learn

The purpose of this site is to give individuals information on where to look for Human Resource Management material/information.  Website

On this site, you’ll find daily news to keep you in the loop, as well as columns to increase your business savvy, your learning, and help to stay on top of issues affecting your job.  Website

We provide online Training & Certification Programs for COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, OSHA, and other regulatory areas with Federally-mandated compliance requirements.  Website

Keirsey Temperament: Different Drums, Different Drummers

Along with the Keirsey Temperament Sorter questionnaire, there are descriptions of the personality temperaments.  Isabel Myers and Carl Jung each have different descriptions of the personality types, although there are many commonalities. David Keirsey has different descriptions from both Myers and Jung, but again with many commonalities.  Dr Keirsey’s descriptions of temperament is based on the study of people and the study of psychology, including the works of Jung, Myers, Kretschmer, Spranger, Fromm, Haley, Bateson, etc.  Website

Jung Typology Test

By taking the Jung Typology Test, you will discover your type formula, strength of the preferences and type description. It may help you to identify your general lifestyle and your style in certain fields of activity (business, education, communications, conflicts).  Website

Map for Nonprofits

The Human Resources Management (HRM) function includes a variety of activities, and key among them is deciding what staffing needs you have and whether to use independent contractors or hire employees to fill these needs, recruiting and training the best employees, ensuring they are high performers, dealing with performance issues, and ensuring your personnel and management practices conform to various regulations.  Website

The Management Advantage, Inc.

Your ONE source for books, manuals, software, compliance posters and gifts for professionals in EEO/AA/Diversity, Human Resources, Safety, Software, Recruiting, Healthcare, Sales & Marketing, Police & Fire Fighting and Law.  Website

Myers Briggs®

The Myers Briggs® model of personality focuses on how you prefer to behave – not how you actually behave. Understanding your preferences, and the ‘stretch’ between preference and actual behaviour, can be useful in many ways – from choosing the optimum way of working to stress management.  Website

National Human Resources Association

The National Human Resources Association is focused on advancing the development of HR professionals. Connect, Excel and Lead with NHRA today. Established in 1951, the National Human Resources Association (NHRA) is a network of local affiliates focused on advancing the development of human resource professionals. Through programs and services offered across the country, NHRA strives to support human resource professionals throughout their career life cycle – from intern to executive – as Human Resources leads the way for change in today’s businesses.  Website


The world’s largest testing centre.  105 professionally developed and validated psychological tests, 111 Just-for-Fun tests, 230 mind games and quizzes … Queendom has it all! A pioneer and leader in online testing, Queendom has served more than 300 million with tests in nine different languages to help you grow, jump-start your career and improve your relationships.  Website

Society For Human Resource Management

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management. Representing more than 190,000 individual members, the Society’s mission is to serve the needs of HR professionals by providing the most essential and comprehensive resources available. As an influential voice, the Society’s mission is also to advance the human resource profession to ensure that HR is recognized as an essential partner in developing and executing organizational strategy. Founded in 1948, SHRM currently has more than 500 affiliated chapters within the United States and members in more than 100 countries.  Website

Workforce Management

Human Resources management information including performance management, performance appraisals, employee performance reviews, relocation, employee management, employee reviews, human resource management tools and human resource management community.  Website

Lifecycle Methodologies

LifecycleStep Project Lifecycle Process

The LifecycleStep Project Lifecycle Process™ contains a complete methodology for developing and running the project lifecycle including analysis, design, construct, test and implement. Everything is here, including processes, techniques, templates, training and supplemental papers. Multiple lifecycles are defined, including waterfall, RAD and Agile.  Website

SupportStep Application Support Framework

The purpose of SupportStep is to showcase a common set of processes, best practices and templates that can be used to run the support function consistently throughout the company.   Website

Agile Software Development

The AgileAlliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the concept of agile software development and helping organizations adopt this concept. The concept is outlined by the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.  The AgileAlliance germinated in the fertilizer of the original AgileAlliance, a group of software professionals that had developed and were practising lightweight approaches to software development. Responding to requests for a more open, inclusive, and visible way for everyone to participate, most of the founders of the AgileAlliance defined and established the non-profit AgileAlliance. This organization was designed to be lightweight, initially only consisting of a board of directors, one administrator, and a set of bylaws. Just like agile processes, all work and operations within the AgileAlliance is intended to emerge from subsets of members that self-organize into programs.  Website

Business eSolutions

Business eSolutions provides System Development Project Management services, Problem Project Diagnostic and Recovery services and Project Management Training and Facilitation courses covering strategy, project management, project estimating, business requirements, risk management and quality assurance. Project lifecycle models are not interchangeable. To deliver a quality system, it’s critical to know the risks facing your project and to use a model that reduces those risks. This site describes standard project lifecycle models, and reviews their strengths and weaknesses. These standard models can be adapted to fit the industry issues, corporate culture, time constraints and team vulnerabilities which comprise your environment.  Website

COCOMO Overview

This site contains an overview of COCOMO, including both theory and equations.  Website

iSummation Technologies

The iSummation Development Methodology is an approach to the entire SDLC that has been derived from ‘best practices’ over a number of years. It is light-weight to avoid cumbersome overhead and flexible enough to be adapted to a wide range of scenarios.  Website

iTCO Project Lifecycle

This methodology is agnostic to vendor, product, or technology. iTCO’s use of Microsoft Frameworks recognizes their usefulness but does not impart any predilection to their products.  iTCO has designed these methodologies to meet the requirements of ISO 9000:2000 Standards. These standards define international credibility to quality systems.  Website

NASA Ames Research Center

This site is run by the Automated Software Engineering Group NASA Ames Research Center.

Prolifics: WebSphere Lifecycle Services

Prolifics has been solving business problems with technology solutions since 1978. With offices throughout North America and Europe, Prolifics utilizes its methodology and best practices, in combination with WebSphere knowledge experts, to deliver complex, high-performing systems for leading customers in finance, telecommunications, healthcare, government and manufacturing.  Website

Scrum Methodology

The Scrum methodology of agile software development marks a dramatic departure from waterfall management. In fact, Scrum and other agile processes were inspired by its shortcomings. The Scrum methodology emphasizes communication and collaboration, functioning software, and the flexibility to adapt to emerging business realities — all attributes that suffer in the rigidly ordered waterfall paradigm.  Website

TRIGENT Offshore Application Development

Trigent employs a flexible set of methodologies in developing and maintaining software applications, designed to best practice approaches are followed while accommodating different project needs and varying development processes in client organizations.  Website

Measurements and Metrics

Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute

The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) is a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense through the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics [OUSD (AT&L)]. The SEI’s core purpose is to help others make measured improvements in their software engineering capabilities.  Website

College of Performance Measurement

The College of Performance Measurement (CPM) was originally established as the Performance Measurement Association and became the first PMI college in 1999. The College of Performance Measurement (CPM) mission is to facilitate the development and exchange of Earned Value Measurement (EVM) standards practices among global PMI components.  Website

DataNet Quality Systems

DataNet Quality Systems makes statistical process control software for monitoring and measuring manufacturing processes and then provides the intelligence to help managers correct processes and improve overall quality.  Website

Mean, Standard Deviation, etc.

This website helps to determine the mean, standard deviation, etc. Alternatively, you can use the bulk input form. This is particularly useful if you already have the data on your computer in a form that would allow you to “Copy and Paste” it. This form also allows you to enter up to 1024 points.  Website

NNH Enterprise

The goal of this web site is to address the ways that Earned Value can be applied to the basic tools of Project Management, including C/SCS, Work Scope Definition, Scheduling, Resource Allocation and Budgeting, Status Monitoring, Management Reporting, Program Control, and Corrective Action. Application of a Performance Measurement System and the Earned Value Technique is delineated.  Website

Practical Software And Systems Measurement

Practical Software And Systems Measurement (PSM) is sponsored by the Joint Logistics Commanders Joint Group on Systems Engineering. PSM provides Program Managers with objective information needed to successfully meet cost, schedule, and technical objectives on software-intensive projects.  Website

Project Auditors

Looking for information on quality and metrics? See our Project Quality Audit web page.  Website

Project Management Metrics

Short article by Bill Cattey.  Website

Six Sigma – The International Society of Six Sigma Professionals

Founded in 1997, ISSSP grew rapidly during its incubation period and officially launched in October 2001. ISSSP is committed to the advancement of education, research and implementation of the Six Sigma methodology through resources in live, print and electronic media. ISSSP enhances the knowledge of its diverse community of members while maintaining a high level of ethics, professionalism and standards within the Six Sigma community.  Website

Software Development Online

Laurie O’Connell’s “Management Metrics” article.  Website

PM Methodologies

TenStep Project Management Process

The TenStep Project Management Process is a methodology for managing work as a project. This web site is designed to provide the information necessary to successfully manage projects of all kinds. Here you will find much of what you need to be a successful Project Manager, including a  step by step approach, starting with the basics and getting as sophisticated as you need for your particular project.  Website

TenStep PB Framework

TenStep PB takes all of the great content of the TenStep Project Management Process and maps it into the framework of the Project Management Institute PMBOK® Guide. All of the PMBOK® Guide content is available in this product as well. This product is perfect for companies that want the detailed explanations from the TenStep process, but who prefer to align their project management processes in the PMBOK® Guide framework.  Website


The integrated paradigm of iPlan was built on extensive market research to understand how projects were executed, how teams interacted, and the problems they faced in all phases of the project management lifecycle. This research was done with 79 organizations across major segments like automobile, publishing, manufacturing, construction, software, pharmaceutical, and R&D.



MPMM Project Management Methodology will help you deliver projects quickly and efficiently by offering a best practice project management methodology. MPMM also includes the complete set of templates and case studies needed to deliver projects on time and within budget. Free trial available.  Website

Nuvation Project Methodology

To maximize project success, a four-stage project execution plan is employed. Each project step is defined on the Nuvation website.  Website

Prince2 International Project Management Forum

This site is designed to serve as an interactive open resource to support Prince2, and project management in general. The portal includes a wide range of facilities, including an FAQ, directory and download area. They will be adding further sections and features over time.   Website

One-stop resource for PRINCE2 project management including PRINCE2 templates, news, user and exam guides.  Website

PM Organization

Advanced Projects Institute

The focus is on Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM).  Website.

Association of Computing Machinery

Founded in 1947, ACM  is the world’s first educational and scientific computing society.  Today, their membership is over 80,000 computing professionals and students worldwide.  Website

Association For Project Management

Based in the United Kingdom, the Association for Project Management (APM) publishes the APM Body of Knowledge. The APM provides project management training and certification as well.  Website

Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineers

Since 1956, AACE International, the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering, has provided its members with the resources they need to enhance their performance and ensure continued growth and success. With about 5,500 members world-wide, AACE International serves cost management professionals: cost managers and engineers, project managers, planners and schedulers, estimators and bidders, and value engineers. AACE International has members in 78 countries and currently includes 70 local sections.  Website

British Computer Society

The British Computer Society (BCS) is the industry body for IT professionals, and a Chartered Engineering Institution for Information Technology (IT). With members in over 100 countries around the world, the BCS is the leading professional and learned Society in the field of computers and information systems.  Website

Centre for Business Practices Consortium

The Consortium is an elite group of management practitioners created to benchmark project management practices. They use web-based surveys to gather information on the actual practice of project management in large organizations. This is a good source of related Project Management links, including a project maturity model.  They also provide a free monthly electronic newsletter.  Website

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

The IEEE promotes the engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge about electro and information technologies and sciences for the benefit of humanity and the profession.  Website

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers -  Computer Society

The Society is dedicated to advancing the theory, practice, and application of computer and information processing technology. Through its conferences, applications-related and research-oriented journals, local and student chapters, distance learning campus, technical committees, and standards working groups, the Society promotes an active exchange of information, ideas, and technological innovation among its members. In addition, the Society maintains close ties with the US Computing Sciences Accreditation Board and Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, monitoring and evaluating curriculum accreditation guidelines.  Website

International Standards Organization (ISO)

Homesite for the well-known ISO standards.  Website

Journal of International Management

The Journal of International Management is devoted to advancing an understanding of issues in the management of global enterprises, global management theory, and practice; and providing theoretical and managerial implications useful for the further development of research.

It is designed to serve an audience of academic researchers and educators, as well as business professionals, by publishing both theoretical and empirical research relating to international management and strategy issues.  Website

Project Management Institute

Project Management Institute (PMI), with more than 150,000 members in over 150 countries, is the world’s foremost advocate for the project management profession. A vital and forward-thinking organization, PMI is comprised of 236 chartered chapters, 34 new potential chapters, 33 Specific Interests Groups (SIGs) and two colleges. PMI sets industry standards, conducts research and provides education, certification and professional exchange opportunities designed to strengthen and further establish the profession. PMI advances the careers of practitioners while enhancing overall business and government performance, through documentation of return on investment.  Website

Project Management Institute Chapters – Canada

British Columbia



Manitoba Chapter



New Brunswick Chapter

Nova Scotia Chapter

Newfoundland & Labrador Chapter


Project Management Institute – United Kingdom

They also have a free monthly newsletter.  Website

Project Management Institute Chapters – United States of America


Los Angeles -

San Diego -

Silicon Valley -

Project Management Institute – Atlanta Chapter

Georgia -

Minnesota - Of interest on the site is a monthly newsletter -

Ohio - North Eastern Ohio.

To see the full list of the United States of America Chapters - click here

Project Management Institute Information Systems Community of Practice

PMI-ISCoP is the preferred, global, collaborative, professional project management organization for all aspects of project management that are required for information systems, regardless of industry. Website

PMP Exam Resources


Based in India, this company offers extensive PMP exam preparation and on-line training that includes concept delivery, over 1000 queries with answers on all the 9 knowledge areas of the PMBOK® Guide, and Q&A sessions at every step of learning, as well as 2 full-length, practice tests consisting of 200 questions each. In case any subscribers want to have additional tests for even more practice before the PMP® examination, they can request up to 2 additional full-length tests at a very minimal cost.  Website


CertificationCity.Com ( a division of Training Planet, Inc.) has made it easy for you to find information on the right Certification Boot Camp Class Provider you need and want with our class directory. We have researched Boot Camp Providers for you and have brought you the BEST OF THE BEST. We offer only Boot Camp providers that FULLY Guarantee their class and offer the best service levels in the training industry.  Website


This site offers a number of PMP exam preparation courses. It also offers a free document on preparing for the PMP exam.  Website


This site specializes in Project Management Institute certification and MS Project certification. They offer classroom training, web-based training and a number of project management tools.  Website


“Connecting the Project Management World” – ALL FREE – A massive collection of information on Project, Program and Portfolio Management as well as MS Project, Project Server, PMO’s and the PMP®.   Website


This site offers a PMP Exam Prep Course and lots of free resources, reports, and white papers on project management.  Website


Zero to PMP® Exam in 5 Days, Guaranteed – Plain and simple – start on Monday and sit for your PMP® exam by Friday. If you’re an experienced project manager who wants to quickly and efficiently learn how to pass the PMP exam, this course is designed for you. It’s a week-long immersion approach using advanced accelerated exam prep techniques. You end the course by taking the actual PMI® PMP® Certification Exam.  Website


With a Success Rate of 5.3 PMPs every day and Great feedback from successful PMPs, is the “Most Economical” and “Most Effective” Training institute to get PMI Approved contact hours and prepare for PMP Certification Exams.  Website


PMTI is the Leader in providing Cost-Effective 4-day PMP Training with 5th-day pass or Money-Back Guarantee. But, don’t take our word for it. Use this FREE PMP Course comparison Worksheet and DARE TO COMPARE!  Website


This site provides all the information that you may need to prepare for PMI’s PMP certification exam. It has a high-level tutorial for the PMP Certification exam. It has a mock exam of fifty questions. The site also has FAQ on PMP Certification and links to a large number of Certification sites.  Website


Project Management Institute (PMI), with more than 150,000 members in over 150 countries, is the world’s foremost advocate for the project management profession. A vital and forward-thinking organization, PMI is comprised of 236 chartered chapters, 34 new potential chapters, 33 Specific Interests Groups (SIGs) and two colleges. PMI sets industry standards, conducts research and provides education, certification and professional exchange opportunities designed to strengthen and further establish the profession. PMI advances the careers of practitioners while enhancing overall business and government performance, through documentation of return on investment.  Website


If you enjoy the prestige that comes from being the best in your field, then you’ll appreciate the professional advantages derived from attaining the Project Management Professional (PMP) status. The PMP designation following your name tells current and potential employers that you have a solid foundation of project management knowledge that can be readily applied in the workplace.  Website


PMTI – offers a “Pass PMP in 5 days or money-back guarantee”. Classes offered in the US, Canada, and Asia-Pacific countries.  Website


As a project manager you know projects fail at the beginning not the end. Preparing to pass your PMP Exam is no different. In order to be successful, you must successfully prepare. That’s where we can help.  Website


RMC Project Management is the innovator in project management training, speaking and training materials. Pass the PMP Certification Exam Guaranteed!  Website



This web site provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date study material for the PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam aligned with the Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), Third edition’ STAR-PM membership provides access to the PMP Study Toolkit, which includes the PMP Exam study book “STAR-PM, Pass PMP Exam on Your First Try”, more than 250 practice questions, exercises, workbooks, exam tips, etc.  Website


Threeo offers a somewhat different approach to training candidates to pass their certification exam: our training services come in the form of downloadable software which means that our customers needn’t have access to the internet to study and there is no time constraint on using the product, unlike online training courses. The software (AceIt ©) has been successful in preparing candidates from around the world to pass the exam.  Website


Walter offers consulting services and seminars, specializing in PMP Prep.  Website


You have identified your goal and are ready to prepare yourself for the highly recognized PMP Certification Exam. You want to score high, the course is large, and the time is less. The question is:

  • How to prepare fast and accurate?
  • How to focus on important topics first, master them fast, and retain what you’ve learnt?

Master the course and prepare scientifically with the help of Whizlabs PMP Exam Simulator.


Portfolio Management


The PortfolioStep Portfolio Management Framework™ provides a way to select, prioritize, authorize and manage the totality of work in the organization. This includes work that has been completed, work-in-progress and work that has been approved for the future. This framework process includes processes, best practices, techniques, templates, etc.  Website


A search for “Project Portfolio Management” turns up many resources.  Website


The GenSight Group specializes in project portfolio management and optimization, resource allocation and business portfolio management. We integrate a clear and systematic capability into your organization so you can achieve true decision excellence®.  Website


Search for “IT Project Management” to come up with tons of results.  Website


A search for “Project Portfolio Management” leads to many results.  Website


PDW provides a process-driven portfolio decision support tool that enables executives to approve and maintain an achievable high-value portfolio. They capture your most reliable information about resource demand and show where it can and cannot be met in your prioritized list of projects. The product’s low overhead and low total cost of ownership results in rapid time to value.  Website




Project Management Leadership Group, Inc.’s (PMLG) mission is to assist corporations in achieving their strategic goals through the rapid implementation of project management as a business discipline. Portfolio Management link is on the left.  Website


Tenrox PPM is a completely Web and XML-based solution that automates project initiation, budgeting, scope control, risk assessment, project issue and incident tracking, timesheet management, expense reporting, invoicing, chargeback, executive dashboards and reporting.


Professional and Ethics


Each issue of Business Ethics carries news and analysis of cutting edge topics in corporate social responsibility, business ethics, and social investing. The publication is read by high-level opinion leaders in business, social investing, academia, and civil society. Regular sections in each issue include working ideas for management, social investing, books, case studies, trends, company news, and opinion.  Website


The Center exists to increase the moral awareness and ethical skills of professionals, students preparing for one of the major professions, and faculty members based in one of the professional schools. More generally, the Center exists to provide ethics education to the general public, for there is scarcely a topic of note that does not require a morally reflective person to consider questions about what makes a society and the individuals within it good.  Website


Preamble: Project Management Professionals, in the pursuit of the profession, affect the quality of life for all people in our society. Therefore, it is vital that Project Management Professionals conduct their work in an ethical manner to earn and maintain the confidence of team members, colleagues, employees, employers, clients and the public.  Website


The Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) was established in 1986 to encourage high standards of corporate and business behaviour and the sharing of best practice.  Website


Fostering global business practices that promote equitable economic development, resource sustainability, and just forms of government.  Website


Josephson Institute of Ethics located in California is the leading not-for-profit agency in the field of ethics since 1987.  They conduct full-time research and training in the area of business ethics and believe that ethical standards and practices are an absolute necessity for business success.



This page is offered to the community in support of Project Management Professionalism. The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers an international standard of excellence for this business speciality; the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is awarded to those individuals committed to the goals proclaimed by PMI, educated in the field of project management and experienced with its implementation.  Website


The mission of the Centre is to bring moral philosophy into the public domain by advancing research in applied ethics, supporting courses with a significant ethical component and acting as a community resource. The Centre provides opportunities for academics, practitioners, and others to engage in the systematic and rational reflection on significant moral issues of the day.  Website

Project Management Office


This is a blog on all things about PMOs, mostly focusing on issues and topics from the perspective of a PMO director.  Website


Office Discipline: Why You Need a Project Management Office by Megan Santosus.  Website


The Office of Technology provides for IT and business alignment through the use of Enterprise Strategic Planning (SIRMP), Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Project Management.  Website


The NYS PMO at OFT has developed and currently supports the following core services:

  • Project Management Methodology
  • Project Management Outreach

All services and products have been developed with input from numerous agency representatives who have shared their ideas, requests, and best practices.  Website


We realize that you have a number of choices when selecting a vendor to help you establish Project Management tools and processes. In the spectrum of consulting vendors, there are very few that specialize exclusively in Process and Project Management. PMOLink is focused like a laser beam on Process and Project Management tools and practices.  Website


PM Solutions has pioneered a ten-step process for successfully launching the Strategic Project Office within organizations. This process includes detailed planning for effective organizational change and building project management competency. PM Solutions uses our industry-recognized Project Management Maturity Model (PMMM™) as the foundation for the change.  Website


PMAlliance is an international project management consulting company that helps Fortune 1000 companies improve the execution of their mission-critical projects. Through our Duration-Driven® methodology, we enable our clients to successfully complete their most important projects—on time, within budget and to the intended level of quality. In addition, we help them achieve a competitive advantage by transitioning project management into a core competency within their organizations. We provide a flexible combination of services including a Project Management Institute (PMI) certified training curriculum, best-in-class project management consulting services, end-to-end project office development, and proprietary software add-in tools.  Website



Complete projects in half the time all the time. Come here to learn how to improve your project management practices through Critical Chain Project Management.  Website

BPUBS.COM is a directory-based Internet search engine that strives to cover the topic of Business Publications. By eliminating the noise of “homepages, index pages, and other extraneous web site components”, our users are able to extract what they truly searching for – content. Our target audience of corporate and business users will become repeat visitors because we save them time finding the information they need.  Website


Builder.Com contains a lot of useful information about projects, including processes, tools, techniques, etc.  Website


Microsoft Project add-on software allows you to plan and display your projects using a tree-style diagram known as a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Chart. WBS charts display the structure of a project showing how the project is broken down into summary and detail levels.  Website


Contains a number of white papers and articles on project management and management.  Website


Research papers, technical papers, publications and journals. Website


IRNOP was founded in 1993 as a loosely coupled network of researchers and have developed from there, adding researchers in countries all over the world. The IRNOP network connects scholars with a background in business, economics, engineering and other fields, with a common interest in projects, project organizations and temporary systems. The site contains links to journals, institutions, project management consulting services, and more.  Website


On this site, you will be able to access a variety of resources in support of your studies in Project Management. You will also be able to explore Wiley’s other Project Management products and publications.  Website


Ever need project management information in a hurry? As a checklist? Want the latest project management thinking? Get it here from an expert. This site is also home to the Max Wideman’s authoritative Comparative Glossary of Project Management Terms.  Website


MDE Enterprises, Inc is an IT manager training and consulting company established in 2000 to do one thing: Provide practical insight and tools to help IT managers of the world achieve more success. To do this, MDE publishes the works of Mike Sisco, MDE’s founder and President. Mike tells it like it is from over twenty years of real-world operational experience in managing technology resources. This site contains FREE material, books, IT management tools, IT manager education, IT Consulting, and more!   Website


Providing practical and free knowledge for the software developer, tester and project manager.  Website


The Computational Sciences Division at NASA Ames Research Center provides leadership in Information Sciences for NASA by conducting world-class computational sciences research, developing and demonstrating innovative technologies, and transferring these new capabilities for utilization in support of NASA Enterprise missions and national needs.  Website


The NYS PMO at OFT has developed and currently supports the following core services:

  • Project Management Methodology
  • Project Management Outreach

All services and products have been developed with input from numerous agency representatives who have shared their ideas, requests, and best practices.  Website


Provides value for a wide range of projects by maintaining a dynamic centralized estimating database. This database contains effort hours for a large number of construction-related activities to aid the project manager in estimating current and future projects. There is also valuable information on lessons-learned by other project planners and managers in the field.  Website


PMIS is a mature project management site with lots of free resources and information – requires no registration and has a number of valuable free downloads and information for project management professionals, including free project management process assets (including templates and a free PM capability/maturity model); key info on the value of project management; tips for project managers and lots of information on modern aspects of PM.  Website


Project Management and PRINCE2. Useful resources and links including the PRINCE2 method. Courses and information for students.  Website


Learn about project management planning, milestones, objectives, dependencies, scope, WBS, CPM, control, estimating, quality, risk, human factors and much more…   Website


PM Hut is a very large database of Project Management articles written by experienced authors from all over the world. PM Hut has a section dedicated for Project Management Trainers and an active job hunting section. PM Hut is comprehensive, independent, and all free.  Website


The PMFORUM is a resource for information on international project management affairs. The PMFORUM supports the development, international cooperation, promotion and advancement of a professional and worldwide project management discipline.  Website


A free portal for project planners and managers including an events calendar, discussion forums and PM software and book reviews.  Website


Free Project Management resources. An on-line magazine dedicated to project management, this site includes software reviews/ book reviews, a free electronic newsletter and some project templates.  Website


Since 1989, Project Manager Today has been serving the project management community with software reviews, news and articles.  Website


The UK’s programme and project management resource centre, updated monthly with features, reports and latest news.  Website


Projects Today provides comprehensive information on projects (capital) investments envisaged in various sectors – manufacturing, mining, electricity, services & utilities and irrigation. Projects Today tracks projects from inception through the completion stage. Projects Today is a unique business opportunity identifier and an essential analysis and marketing tool for professionals in industry, government, finance, academia and research.  Website


This site provides access to project management resources — information, products, services, and people — that you need to manage projects and teams more effectively. The ProjectConnections Community offers a variety of ways to interact with experts and peers. The Know-How section provides a wealth of resources to support your work, including primers on key topics in the field as well as templates. The Marketplace section offers a comprehensive buyers’ guide to vendors of training, consulting, and tools.  Website


A bi-weekly magazine that provides practical information to project managers. The content deals with project management as well as useful information on projects and applications. This magazine is associated with yearly ProjectWorld conferences (, which are put on by Imark Communications.  Website


Methods & Tools is a free software development magazine on Software Testing, Project Management, Programming (Java,.NET, Ruby on Rails, Ajax), UML, Agile (eXtreme Programming, Scrum, TDD), Requirements, Databases, Software Process Improvement, Tools.  Website


A class of computer applications specifically designed to aid with planning and controlling project costs and schedules. Enterprise and web-based project management software solutions included.  Website


The TenStep Store is your one-stop site for project management and methodology projects and services, including packets of templates, classes, PMP Prep products, books, eBooks, methodology products and much more.  Website

Quality Management


The American Society for Quality (ASQ), headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, is the world’s leading authority on quality since 1946. The 104,000-member professional association creates better workplaces and communities worldwide by advancing learning, quality improvement, and knowledge exchange to improve business results. By making quality a global priority, an organizational imperative, and a personal ethic, ASQ becomes the community for everyone who seeks technology, concepts, or tools to improve themselves and their world.  Website


Search for Quality Management sites on this specialized search engine.  Website


QMS is an international organization specializing in ISO 9000 assessment and certification.  Website


Quality is a monthly business publication serving the quality assurance and process improvement needs of more than 64,000 manufacturing professionals. The magazine reports on the use of sound metrology methods, statistical analysis and process improvement techniques to significantly improve quality on the shop floor and in manufacturing planning. Subscriptions are available at no charge.  Website


Everything you wanted to know about Quality Management, Books, Distance Learning, Training courses, Software, Standards.  Website


Delivering good quality systems on schedule on budget is every software project manager’s goal. Early experience triggered Mike Harding Roberts’ interest in quality and led him to some techniques that can contribute to project success.  Website


This site contains information about:

  • Statement and definition of the Quality Management Principles
  • Applying the Principles to the ISO 9000 Standards
  • Applying the Principles to Management Practices



This site covers the following topics: Introduction, Total Quality Management (TQM), TQM Compared to ISO 9001, TQM as a Foundation, Ten Steps to Total Quality Management (TQM), Principles of TQM, Processes must be Managed and Improved, Key to Quality, Planning a Change, and TQM Process Improvement and Problem Solving Sequence. It also contains links.  Website

Risk Management


Control Risks Group is the leading, specialist, international business risk consultancy. Founded in 1975, Control Risks has since worked with more than 5,300 clients (including 86 of the Fortune 100 companies) in over 130 countries. They aim to enable their clients to take risks with greater certainty and precision and to solve problems that fall outside the scope of mainstream management resources.  Website


IRM is risk management’s professional education body. Established as a not-for-profit organization, the Institute is governed by practicing risk professionals and has strong links to leading universities and business schools across the world. Recognizing that risk management is a multi-disciplinary field, we also work closely with many other specialist institutes and associations and seek to represent an increasingly broad and diverse set of stakeholders.   Website


This site contains information on Risk Management and Insurance. Included are articles, seminars, expert commentary, and products and services.  Website


Risk management articles, books, etc.  Website


The Nonprofit Risk Management Center aims to help nonprofits cope with uncertainty. They offer a wide range of services (from technical assistance to software to training and consulting help) on a vast array of risk management topics (from employment practices, to insurance purchasing to internal controls and preventing child abuse). We do not sell insurance or endorse organizations that do.  Website


The Public Agency Risk Managers Association is a forum promoting, developing and advancing education and leadership in public agency risk management. PARMA is dedicated to facilitating the exchange of ideas and innovative solutions toward risk management in government.  Website


For two decades, the Public Risk Management Association has been dedicated to providing hard-hitting, practical education and training for public sector risk management practitioners like you. With even a minor claim easily topping $5,000, your exposure and concerns about professional sharpness can be high.  Website


The Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS) is a proactive voice on behalf of risk managers, dedicated to supporting their function and enhancing their profile as vital elements in organizational success. Founded in 1950, RIMS represents nearly 4,800 industrial, service, nonprofit, charitable, and governmental entities. The Society serves 8,900 risk management professionals around the world.  Website