OVOC Past Presentations

2019 Presentations

2019-09-28    Kingston Saturday Seminar

  • A Primer on Software Cost Estimation

2019-04-24     Lunch Seminar

  • Change Management: An Essential Skill for Project Managers

2019-02-23     Saturday Seminar

  • Session 1:  Cyber 101 
  • Session 2:  Adopting Cloud Services Securely
  • Session 3:  Ransomware and How to Deal With It
  • Internet Security Threat Report
  • 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report
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2018 Presentations

2018-09-16     Breakfast Seminar

  • Process Improvement with LeanSigma - a Project Management Methodology

2018-05-23     Lunch Seminar

  • Don't Fear the Breakdown: Empowering Your Projects (and Sanity) with a WBS
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2017 Symposium Presentations

2017-10-24     Symposium Day 1


  • The Evolution of You at Work - Dr Mary Donohue

Track Sessions

  • Take Your Time and Enjoy the Team Experience - Mark Mortimer
  • Customer Centric Project Management - Charles Villanyi Bokor 
  • 'I want YOU to Project Manage This One' - Keith Archer
  • Effective Communication: Timeless Principles in a Crazy World - Norman Bowley
  • Driving Business Results with Scrum - Dave Todaro 
  • Mentoring Millennials - Dr Mary Donohue
  • Planning Learning Projects - Kevin McGowan 
  • Preparing for your Project Management Interview - Suzanne Kostron 
  • Resilience in Your Professional and Personal Lives - Hal Hughes 
  • Stop Looking for Project Success in the Same Place You Lost It - Redefine Project Success Using Proven Change It Principle Techniques  -  Michael Lamb & Carlos Zaidi

2017-10-25     Symposium Day 2


  • The Creative Store for Project Management Professionals: How to Ignite Creative Leadership and Lead Innovation in the New Economy - Nelson Cabral

Track Sessions

  • Medical Device Dev Project: Leadership for Success - Nathalie Methot & Trish Bolechowsky 
  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction: Exploring Design Thinking with the End-Client in Mind - Nilufer Erdebil 
  • Is There Still Gender Inequality in the Canadian Workplace? - Krista Shibata 
  • A Look into Bringing Large-Scale Non-Profit Sporting Competitions to a Community: From  Halifax to the Attempt to Bring the 2021 Canada Games to Ottawa - Lindsay Hugenholtz 
  • The Value of EVM (Earned Value Management) - Jonathan Shriqui 
  • Elephant in the Room (Stakeholder Management) -  Ori Schibi 
  • IBR (Integrated Baseline Review) - The One Meeting You Don't Want to Miss  - Jonathan Shriqui 
  • The Soft Arts - Fahd Gulzar 
  • RFP Sins Keeping You From Receiving Kick-Ass Proposals - Keith Parker

2017-10-26     Workshops

  • Workshop - Catching the Wave Presents an Executive Overview of Accountability in Cloud Projects - David Shaw

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2017 Presentations

2017-09-27     Lunch Seminar

  • Avoiding the Hooks and Converting the Dragons: Growing Emotional Intelligence 

2017-04-29     Saturday Seminar

  • Outcomes-Focused Agility
  • Outcomes-Focused Agility- Presentation Handout

2017-04-26     Lunch Seminar

  • Making a Difference in Today's Non-Profit Sector

2017-02-25     Saturday Seminar

  • Time Management - The Growth Tool

2017-02-22     Lunch Seminar

  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Communications
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2016 Symposium Presentations

2016-10-11     Symposium Day 1


  • New Developments in Program Management - Michel Thiry

Track Sessions

  • Strategic Project and Business Management Cohesion - Ray Jonkers & Derek Hughes
  • Change Shock: Leading the Project Through It - Francine Durivage
  • Essential Leadership Skills in Public Safety Management - Pierre-Yves Bourduas
  • Research and Development Project Management - John Rakos 
  • Knowledge Management (KM) & Project Management (PM): Enhance the Soft Skills of the Project Manager - Yvan Lauzon
  • Agile Project Management - Fahd Gulzar
  • Benefits Management and Realization - Alastair Smart
  • Value-Based Complexity Taming - Michael Codere & Laurel Gibbons
  • Balancing Technical PM Skills with Leadership Skills and Strategic Thinking - Keith Archer
  • Your WHY - a Key to Inspiring Leadership - Nadine Fortin

2016-10-12     Symposium Day 2


  • Project Everest: Essential Steps for Successful Projects - Alan Mallory

Track Sessions

  • It's All About the Benefits! - Russ McDowell
  • The Multidimensional Aspects of Earned Value Management (EVM) - Jonathan Shriqui
  • Interactions Between Traditional Corporate Planning and Agile Framework – A Case Study of Alignment and Friction - Rick Koeller
  • Project Success Competency and Governance Model - Lily Murariu
  • A Thorough Analysis of Risk Management Strategy in Establishing an IT Security Framework - Smita Mahapatra
  • Deliverology and Todays Government - Michel Martineau
  • Managing Project Commitments - Guy Viau
  • Lifting an Elephant onto the Next Rung of the PM-Maturity Ladder - Eric Uyttewaal & Greg McDonald
  • Adding Soft Edges to Hard Skills – The Subtle Art of Leadership - Glenn Kerridge & Jennifer Ried

2016-10-13     Workshops 

  • Business Relationship Management: It Takes Two to Tango or How to Build Strategic Partnership - Svetlana Sidenko
  • Soft Skills for More Effective Project Management - Allen Price
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2016 Presentations

2016-09-28     Lunch Seminar

  • CMC Best Practices for a PMP

2016-09-24     Saturday Seminar

  • PMI Bringing in Innovation Condensed

2016-05-25     Lunch Seminar

  • Social Media for Project Managers

2016-02-27     Saturday Seminar

  • PMI Culture of Innovation Condensed

2016-02-24     Lunch Seminar

  • Are you an Agile Project Manager or an Agile Project Leader?
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2015 Symposium Presentations

2015-10-12     Symposium Day 1


  • The Importance of International Economic Development - W. Harris

Track Sessions

  • DND Carling Campus Project - J. Bennett 
  • Definition & Characteristics of Smart Power Grid & The Role of V2Gs - F. Khosrojerdi
  • How To Be A Winner In Today's Project Management World - A. Price
  • Improving the Odds of Project Success: Tactical Stakeholder Development - F. Paquette
  • When is Your Project Not a Project - A. Smart
  • Strengthen Your Project Management Leadership Skills - L. Retfalvi
  • Determining Labour Contingency and Integrating It into the Project Plan - B. Bates
  • Launching an Enterprise-Wide Solution My Government of Canada Human Resources (My GCHR) - T. Labelle

2015-10-13     Symposium Day 2

Track Sessions

  • Communications in an Accessible World with AODA and Bill C78 - A. Ubbink
  • Project/Program Assessment Using Industry Best Practices - Z. Dhalwani & Z. Jadavji
  • Empowering Project Teams - R. Gendron
  • Industry Differences in PM Practice - K. Archer
  • Earned Value Management: Go Beyond the Numbers - J. Shriqui
  • Solve the Right Problem, Start the Right Project - R. Hunt & G. Crotty
  • Delivering Microsoft Dynamics CRM Projects Successfully with Sure Step - P. Ng
  • Program and Transformational Change Management in a Non-Profit Governmental Environment - J. Olivier
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2015 Presentations

2015-12-25     Lunch Seminar

  • Business Relationship Management - It Takes Two to Tango

2015-02-21     Saturday Seminar

  • Practical Steps For Overcoming Networking Inertia Workshop
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2014 Presentations

2014-11-07     Kingston Seminar

  • PMBOK, PRINCE2, Agile - Competitors or Comrades

2014-05-28     Lunch Seminar

  • Using PRINCE2 with the PMBOK

2014-04-30     Lunch Seminar

  • Getting Projects Back on Track

2014-03-12     Breakfast Seminar

  • Leading Mindfully

2014-02-27     Lunch Seminar

  • PRINCE2 in a 1000 Words

2014-02-26     Lunch Seminar

  • Mixing Fire and Ice - Agile & PRINCE2

2014-01-25     Saturday Seminar

  • Program Management

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2013 Presentations

2013-11-27     Lunch Seminar

  • Let's Talk PM Leadership

2013-11-13     Breakfast Seminar

  • Fostering Creativity

2013-09-14     Saturday Seminar

  • EA & Project Management

2013-06-15     Breakfast Seminar

  • Design IS Magic 

2013-06-15     Saturday Seminar

  • Beyond The Secrets

2013-06-12     Breakfast Seminar

  • Prince2 & APMG Family of Best Practices

2013-05-29     Lunch Seminar

  • Proven Strategies for Org BP Adoption

2013-04-24     Lunch Seminar

  • The Future of Agile in Organizations

2013-02-27     Lunch Seminar

  • ITIL V3 2011 and Project Management

2013-04-20     Saturday Seminar

  • Geo-Enabled Program and PM

2013-01-30     Lunch Seminar

  • When Project Management is a Project Risk

2013-01-18     Saturday Seminar

  • Lean Six Sigma - Beyond the Factory Floor

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2012 Presentations

2012-11-28     Lunch Seminar

  • Panic to Passion to Success. The OPS Story

2012-10-03     Breakfast Seminar

  • Work-Life Balance - Aviation Tools

2012-09-26     Lunch Seminar

  • PM Frameworks & Project Assessments

2012-09-15     Saturday Seminar

  • Beginning Lean

2012-06-13     Breakfast Seminar

  • Canada Games


  • Presenting Ideas & Getting Buy-In - How to Decode and Make Sense of the People Puzzle
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2011 Presentations

2011-11-19     Lunch Seminar

  • Beyond the Secrets - PMI OVOC Final

2011-09-28     Seminar

  • Producers & Directors - Uncensored

Lunch Seminar

  • How to Successfully Implement an Agile Project - A Management Viewpoint
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2010 Presentations

2010-08-25     Seminar

  • Volunteer Management Trains with Jeopardy

2010-06-23     Seminar

  • Project Communications - Change Management Perspective

2010-02-24     Seminar

  • Communication Tools for Project Managers - Deciding & Doing


  • The Lazy Project Manager - Productive Laziness
  • Lessons Learned from Project Managing Deep Green Projects
  • Strategic Planning, Portfolio and Project Processes: Interactions and Interdependencies
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2009 Presentations

2009-06-15     Breakfast Seminar

  • APM09 Project Health Check Workshop

2009-04-25     Saturday Seminar

  • 12 Steps to Process Improvement
  • Info Sec Support

2009-03-28     Saturday Seminar

  • False Friends


  • Recognizing and Resolving Conflict:  Ottawa 2009
  • A Calm Manager for a Calm Project Team
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