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Disciplined Agile Workshop hosted by PMI CTT


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PMI CTT is honoured to host two of the professional pioneers in Disciplined Agile (DA).

In this workshop, Scott Ambler (Co-founder of DA and Chief Scientist of Disciplined Agile at PMI) explains the value of the Disciplined Agile tool kit, and how to use it in practice with GCI (Guided Continuous Improvement). Then Beth Ouellette (CEO of The Ouellette Group and DA Chapter Champion at PMI) will guide us through key components of DA as she shares practical applications, analogies and stories to connect the dots.

Proceeds from this event will be donated to PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF).

Disciplined Agile: Optimizing your Business Agility by Choosing your Way of Working (WoW)

Speaker: Scott Ambler

 We like to say that agile teams own their own process by choosing their way of working, their “WoW.” This of course is easier said than done because there are several aspects to WoW. First, our team needs to know how to choose the appropriate lifecycle for the situation that we face. Should we take a Scrum-based approach, a SAFe approach, a lean/Kanban-based approach, a continuous delivery approach, or an exploratory/lean startup approach? Second, what practices should the team adopt? How do they fit together? When should we apply them? Third, what artifacts should the team create? When should they be created? To what level of detail? Finally, how do we evolve our WoW as we experiment and learn?  Disciplined Agile (DA) teams take a streamlined approach that leverages the experiences of the thousands of teams who have already struggled through the very issues that our team currently faces. This is something we call Guided Continuous Improvement (GCI), which is effectively a Kaizen loop on steroids.

In this talk, Scott Ambler explains the value of the Disciplined Agile tool kit, and how to use it in practice with GCI.

Disciplined Agile is the topic of many conversations in our PMI Community. We hear these kinds of questions: Why did PMI add it to their product portfolio? What is Disciplined Agile?  What is the value of Disciplined Agile to Chapter Members? How can you bring value to your team/organization with Disciplined Agile? How do I get started? What is possible for your personal and chapter roadmap?

Speaker:  Beth Ouellette

Join us to hear Beth Ouellette share answers to all these questions and more. She will guide us through key components of Disciplined Agile as she shares practical applications, analogies and stories to connect the dots. She will even share the roadmap she used for her DA journey that you could leverage too.  Though it is only an hour, we hope to gain a clear understanding of the potential of Disciplined agile for our Chapter, our members, and our community. You may even discover that you already apply a Disciplined Agile “Way of Working” today!

Registration Start Date 10-02-2020
Cut off date 11-13-2020
Original Price $35.00
Discounted Price $30.00 (Until 11-04-2020 23:55)
Additional Notes

A link to the meeting will be provided the day before the event.

Registration will close on Friday, November 13th at 4:59 pm ET.

Please email questions to events@pmi-ctt.org.




Type of activity: Other PMI Chapter Events

Date: 14 November 2020

Hour: 8:15 to 12:00

# of PDUs: 3.5