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Kingston Seminar - Saturday September 28, 2019

9:00 am - Topic #1:

Managing the people problems that jeopardize project success

(1 hour - 1 PDU under Leadership)

Frances Paquette will share with you the exact steps to:

  • Get crystal clear about the problems stakeholders are creating for your project
  • Learn what you need to know and do to solve each problem
  • Create the plan to solve each problem and to prevent it from happening again
  • Implement the plan, evaluate the results and respond accordingly

Presenter: Frances Paquette, PCC, PMP

Frances Paquette is both a Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and is most recently the author of the Amazon best-selling book: Ending the People Problems! 7 Steps to Eliminating the People Problems Jeopardizing Project Success now available for pre-order. She specializes in sharing, with project management professionals and those others who find themselves managing projects, the exceptional human communication and leadership tools and techniques that produce outstanding results. 

10:10 am - Topic #2: 

A Primer on Software Cost Estimation

(1 hour - 1 PDU under Technical)

Software cost estimation is inherently difficult. In software development, understanding duration and cost are key elements in making strategic business decisions. So, how do you go about estimating the size, duration, and cost of a software development project? In this presentation, various models that deal with software cost estimation will be explored. We’ll briefly talk about the background of these models and provide some guidance on their applicability to various projects. 

Presenter: Rizwanul (Rizwan) Bari, MBA, PMP

Rizwan has over 15 years of Project/Program Management experience in diverse domains in both public and private sectors. He began his professional career as a consultant in Hydrogeology and Hydraulic Engineering in western Canada. After that, he joined the Canadian federal government and went to work for PWGSC, Agriculture Canada, Bank of Canada, and CMHC. He has an MS in Computer Science from Dalhousie University and an MBA from McGill. Rizwan currently is a Project Leader with the Canada Revenue Agency. Rizwan enjoys taking risks to try out new approaches, technologies, and way of thinking.

11:20 am - Topic #3: 

How Better Conversations Lead to Better Projects

(1 hour - 1 PDU under Leadership

Did you know that according to a Stanford University study, nine conversations out of ten miss their mark? Yes! Only 10% of what you express is understood exactly as you meant it. While we don’t always perceive it, we have all lived through difficult situations:

  • A conflict where others interpret our words out of context and our intention is misunderstood.
  • Being interrupted, ignored or excluded from a conversation when we are a stakeholder.
  • Turf wars, when being right takes precedence over common sense

In this interactive lecture, we will explore some of the filters that prevent us from being completely “in-sync,” as well as areas where you, as a leader, can pay more attention to ensure better team relationships and more productive conversations.

Presenter: Nadine Fortin, PCC, P.Eng., PMP

Nadine believes that we all want to have a positive impact. She works with her clients to help them transform their ideas, and aspirations into bold projects to create a future where they are at their best to make an impact. She also helps them develop and balance the different dimensions of their leadership so they can lead with authenticity. Nadine has been an executive coach since 2005 and she usually works with leaders in technical or engineering organizations. She also is the treasurer, as well as a PMP Prep course instructor, and a project management mentor with PMI OVOC.

Event Information


$45.00 plus HST


Three (3) PDUs are applicable for PMPs who attend this four (4) hour seminar.

The talent triangle allocation is 2 PDUs –Leadership and 1 PDU - Technical.


Saturday, September 28, 2019

8:30 AM - 12:30 PM


St. Lawrence College

Room #01000

100 Portsmouth Avenue

Kingston, ON

It is no longer possible to register for this event

It is no longer possible to register for this event


Type of activity: Kingston Events

Date: 28 September 2019

Hour: 8:30 to 12:30

Language: English

# of PDUs: 3.0





St. Lawrence College, 100 Portsmouth Ave., Room #01000, Kingston, ON

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