Ending the People Problems!

Power Skills

Are you waking up in a cold sweat at night because your project is at risk of failing due to a myriad of people problems or one massive conflict threatening to derail it? Is your boss just not getting it and is therefore less than supportive? Are your clients seemingly incapable of clearly articulating what they want? Do your team members miss important deadlines or undermine each other? Do you catch yourself thinking “This project would be great if it weren’t for the people?”
Well, what if your project could be great because of the people?  It can!  Learn the 7-step process to ensure it.  During this presentation, Frances Paquette will share with you the exact steps to:

• Get crystal clear about the problems stakeholders are creating for your project.

• Learn what you need to know and do to solve each problem.

• Create the plan to solve each problem and to prevent it from happening again.

• Implement the plan, evaluate the results, and respond accordingly.

• Get a good night’s sleep!


In this Webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Identify the people problems within your control.
  • Integrate the 4 essential skills required to complete the 7-step process.
  • Solve conflicts by implementing the 7-step process.


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Frances Paquette is both a Project Management Professional (PMP), a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Agile Coach, and is the author of Ending the People Problems! 7 Steps to Eliminating the People Problems Jeopardizing Project Success. She specializes in sharing, with project management professionals and those others who find themselves managing projects, the exceptional human communication and leadership tools and techniques that produce outstanding results.





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Type de catégorie: Webinars

Type d'activité: Power Skills

Date: 13 mai 2023

Heure: 10:00 à 11:30

Langue: Anglais

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