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Please note that the PMI OVOC bylaws have recently been updated and are currently under review by PMI. Once their review has been completed, and PMI GHQ has approved the changes to the bylaws, that they will be posted on the PMI OVOC Chapter website for review and an electronic vote will be held after the review period has taken place. We expect that this should be happening by the beginning of July 2021.

Bylaws will be posted for a 30 day review period, and a vote will open 15 days into the review period and will remain open until two days after the review period has been completed.

The main changes to the bylaws are a change in the size of quorum and the allowing of proxy voting.

Once the bylaws are ready to be posted, a general e-blast will be sent to all members advising them that the review period is now open.

If anyone has any questions concerning this process, please contact Jennifer Read, VP Membership at membership@pmiovoc.org.


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