Recruiter Booth

A Recruiter Booth is a great way to recruit high-quality talent for start-ups and established businesses alike. In a competitor employment/contract environment, job applicants are looking for more ways to network with like-minded professionals and reach out directly to potential employers.

The Recruiter Booth was introduced at the 2017 Symposium and was considered an effective way for Recruiters/Employers to meet new people and reconnect with former contacts.

Employers/Recruiters are invited to use this opportunity to interact face to face with potential candidates and pre-screen applicants more efficiently than looking at a cover letter and a resume submitted online.

We book on a first-come, first-serve basis and it is strongly recommended that recruiters book early to avoid conflicts.  Only 1 Recruiting company will be booked per table for each 2-hour slot, and a schedule will be published in the Event Guide Book so potential candidates are aware of when companies will be on-site.

If you are interested in making a booking request or have specific questions, please contact Pete Grieve, 2019 Symposium Chair by email at

Recruiter Booth Timeslots


Tuesday, October 22nd

 Wednesday, October


 Thursday, October 24th


Symposium Day 1

Symposium Day 2


(some people from Symposium + new people registered for Workshop day only)


2018 Attendance





Platinum Sponsorship

(All 3 Days)


Silver Sponsorship

(All 3 Days)


07:30 am – 10:00 am

Booth + announcement of sponsoring breakfast

Available $275 **


Available $275 **

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Booth + announcement of sponsoring morning break



Available $200 **

12:00 pm – 14:00 pm

Booth + announcement of sponsoring lunch


TES-Logo---Full-Name---Purple---transparent-bg---1200x333.png TES-Logo---Full-Name---Purple---transparent-bg---1200x333.png

14:00 pm – 16:00 pm

Booth + announcement of sponsoring afternoon break



Available $200 **



NOTE:  ** The Fees stated above will be reduced by 10% if a Company books more than 1 timeslot.  (HST to be added to the above pricing).

Recruiters are welcome to provide marketing materials/Company SWAG for the Attendee Conference Bags such as pens, highlighters, stress balls, computer screen wipes, computer camera blockers, etc. with their Company logo printed on them.

The Recruiting Organization that is deemed to be “most supportive” of the Symposium based on their financial support will be invited to present a “Lunch and Learn” on the current or trending Ottawa job market and/or what employers need to know when posting a job opening.  ** 2019 Update:  This honour has been claimed by Mindwire Systems with their Platinum Sponsorship **


Recruiter Booth Floorplan

Recruiter Table location on floorplan diagram below – see green “R1” box.



Booth selection: you will be provided with the latest booth availabilities when we receive your signed contract.

** New for 2019:  Exhibitors at tables 1 thru 5 above will be limited to 1 sign.

Note:  No Physical wall will separate the dining and exhibit areas.  Please ignore the solid line beside the Exhibit Tables labelled as 1 thru 5.

For any questions or to participate as a sponsor of the 2019 NCPMS Symposium, please email 2019 Symposium Chair:  Pete Grieve at