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The PMI OVOC Mentoring Program is made possible through the continued support of the Algonquin College Corporate Training.

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What is The PMI OVOC Mentoring Program?

The program was initiated in fall of 2008 and sponsored by PMI OVOC. The mission of the Program is to provide interested members with mentoring support that materially helps the member on his/her journey to becoming a very effective project management practitioner. Mentoring is the act of a more experienced person, the Mentor, providing guidance, wisdom, knowledge, and support in a manner in which a Mentee can receive and benefit from it.

The program is available to anyone who is a member of the PMI OVOC chapter and there are no additional fees in order to register in the program. Note that anyone accepted into the Mentoring Program must attend this Kick-Off session. There are two (2) sessions during the year usually in the spring and in the fall.  Each session runs about 6 months long.

What benefits can be achieved through the program?

From Mentee perspective:

  • Accelerate learning curve
  • Solve concrete problems
  • Broaden network
  • Benefit from another person's vision, experience, learning
  • Get help focusing on career plans and career moves
  • Experience a non-threatening climate to test one's ideas, skills and viewpoints
  • Obtain PDUs to maintain PMP certification (See Table below)

From Mentor perspective:

  • The ability to positively influence the next generation leaders
  • Challenge
  • Improve mentoring, motivation and counselling skills
  • Learn about new contexts and new ways of thinking
  • Broaden network
  • Obtain PDUs to maintain PMP certification (See Table below)

PDUs earned through the program




Mentoring Kick-off Session

2 PDUs

2 PDUs

Completion of PMI OVOC Mentoring Program

Per the number of hours, up to 30 PDUs per cycle.

Category C– Self-Directed Learning”

Per the number of hours spent volunteering as a Mentor, up to a maximum of 45 PDUs per cycle

Category E – Volunteer Service

PMI OVOC Mentoring Related Forms

  • Self-Assessment - Competency Matrix Form: This document is to help the mentoring pair decide on priorities.  Word Version    PDF Version
  • Mentoring Plan: This document is to help the pair focus on priorities and assess an ongoing basis whether objectives are being addressed.   Word Version     PDF Version
  • Mentoring Journal: Each partner maintains his/her own Mentoring Journal. One journal for each meeting.   Word Version     PDF Version
  • Mentoring Activity Report: Represents a running record of mentoring engagements and activities.  This form is required to be submitted to PMI OVOC Mentoring champion at the conclusion of mentoring relationship to claim PDUs.   Word Version     PDF Version

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If you have any questions/concerns regarding the Mentoring Program, please contact the Mentoring Champion.