2019 Symposium

Keynote Speakers

John G. Stenbeck

Opening Keynote Speaker Day 1

Sandra Perron, CD, MSc

Opening Keynote Speaker Day 2

John Hetherington

Closing Keynote Speaker Day 2

John G. Stenbeck

John G. Stenbeck is an Enterprise Agility Expert who works with organizational leaders to achieve meaningful, measurable progress towards market leadership with pragmatic thought-leadership and actionable insight.

John is the Founder of GR8PM, Inc. (pronounced “Great PM”) and a three-time Amazon #1 Best Selling author. His industry-leading books have reached almost $3 million in sales. They include the Agile Almanac Book 1 and Book 2 (with Book 3 of the trilogy due in late 2019), Agile Government Contracting (second edition due it late 2019), and Distilled Insight: Enterprise Agility in Healthcare, amongst others.

He has been a guest on VoiceAmerica talk radio, Good Morning America, Today Show, Fox News and the Oprah Winfrey Show. John was featured on the front page of the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union.

The MBA’s Guide to Enterprise Agility … by Design!  Change, Adapt and Lead through Uncertainty and Complexity

Where does leadership security come from? Uncertainty and complexity! Knowing how to change, adapt and lead unlocks enterprise agility. It is also a matter of survival for every Fortune 2000 company, institution, and government agency regardless of whether they are publicly or privately funded. Agile has moved out of the tech-centric enclave and become a required organizational competency spread across larger horizons and more complex challenges. Make no mistake, the market is desperate for professionals who can scale Agile across the enterprise!

Sandra Perron, CD, MSc

Sandra Perron, CD, MSc, is a senior partner with A New Dynamic Enterprise Inc, specializing in Organizational Behaviour, Leadership and Diversity Training. She is the bestselling author of Out Standing in the Field, a memoir, soon to be a movie, about her career as Canada's first female infantry officer. Her book has been touted by Macleans as an 'incredible' memoir, by the Globe and Mail as "extremely worthwhile, timely and important" and by Margaret Atwood as a "must read".

Sandra served in the Royal 22e Régiment, the famous "Vandoos". She deployed for 2 United Nations peacekeeping tours in Bosnia and Croatia as an anti-tank platoon commander during the war in former Yugoslavia. Her unit lost a soldier to mortar fire during her first tour, and her platoon hit three anti-tank mines during her second tour, gravely injuring one soldier. She left the regular force in 1996 after enduring unrelenting abuse from her fellow officers who didn't want women in combat arms and then went on to become an executive with General Motors, and then Bombardier Aerospace.

One Soldiers’ Story - Lessons Learned on Diversity and Leadership

Sandra will be sharing with us the precious lessons she's learned about leadership, group cohesion, and what it means to be a diversity champion. Most of all, she's going to explain what it means to "show up for your life", and why she is still so loyal to the organization who forced her to walk away from her dreams to have a successful career in the military.

John Hetherington

An expert in transformation and team performance, John designs organizational and technology strategies that achieve results.

Having nearly 10 years with Deloitte and Ernst & Young as a strategy consultant and 25 years in the technology industry, John brings expertise in delivering large scale, strategic transformation with the nimbleness and speed of an independent specialist.

John is known for creating realistic strategies for exponentially improving efficiencies in process and teams across industries including financial services, oil & gas and healthcare. Clients working with John appreciate his no-nonsense British approach to simplifying complexity into clear actions that drive meaningful outcomes.

Why Digital Transformation is NOT About Technology – the Playbook for Successfully Delivering Transformational Change, Boosting Productivity and Maximizing Growth within your Teams

Within this Keynote, learn the following key items:

  • The 7 critical success factors of Digital Change Management;
  • Best practice delivery using the Digital Transformation playbook;
  • Human Design Planning for successful projects in the digital era;
  • Growing innovation thinking within your teams; and
  • How to achieve amazing results with your digital transformation.